A group of fertilizer elements chelated with amino acids that provide the farmer with a wide and integrated choice and suit the needs of the plant in All stages.

  • Increase the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients and increase the efficiency of photosynthesis, as well as stimulate the plant to form protein faster.
    •Helps the roots to resist the effects of excess salinity in the soil and also provides the fixing elements and makes them absorbable.
  • Increases the productivity of a unit area and gives plants a healthy and mellow appearance.
  • Increase the plant’s ability to resist pests.
  • Enable the plant to exploit energy and provide it for various vital processes

Bio Galaxy Amin 24%

Components (w/v)
Amino Acid 24%
O.M 30%
N 3.8%

Bio Galaxy Amin 50%

Components (w/v)
Amino Acid 12%
O.M 50%
N 8.5%
S 1.1%
CaO 4%
C 20%

Bio Galaxy Amin Macro

Components (w/v)
Amino Acid 12%
O.M 15%
N 10%
P2O5 5%
K2O 8%

Bio Galaxy Amin Micro

Components (w/v)
Amino Acid 12%
Mg 2%
Fe 2%
Zn 1.5%
Mn 1%
B 0.5%
Mo 0.1%