Micro Galaxy offers complete range of high quality Chelating fertilizer , it’s completely water soluble acts as a plant growth stimulant & contains a natural balance of major and minor nutrients, enzymes, and other organic substances. It can be used in open fields, greenhouses, gardens, houseplants, lawns, trees and ornamentals..

Micronutrients compounds produced by reaction with organic chelating agent

  • produced from pure sources of chelating agents to supply plants with their needs of micro nutrients.
  • Highly effective since it formed at highest chelating percentage, besides it is free from oxides and salts.
  • Stable in spray solution, and formulated in a way that facilitate the absorption by plant leaves.

First : Micro Galaxy EDTA



Micro Galaxy Mix
 Fe 5٪  ,  Mn 4% ,  Cu 1% ,  Zn 4%  ,  B 1.5%  ,   Mo 0.05%   (EDTA)
Micro Galaxy Fe 13%
Fe 13% EDTA
Micro Galaxy Mn 13%
Mn 13% EDTA
Micro Galaxy  Zn 15%
Zn 15% EDTA
Micro Galaxy Cu 15%
Cu 15% EDTA
Micro Galaxy Ca 10%
Ca 10% EDTA

Micro Galaxy Iron 6% (EDDHA):

Micro Galaxy Iron 6% Iron

6% Fully chelated on EDDHA  (use in addition to soil only)