Galaxy fert

 provides a full range of 100% full soluble compound fertilizers, as it contains the best pure raw materials of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, along with a wide range of chelating microelements with high purity.

To suit all varieties of vegetables, crops, fruit trees and ornamental plants taking into consideration the age of the plant, soil and water conditions in the area.

NPK Water Soluble Fertilizers

A New family of special water soluble fertilizer formulated from best raw material.

  • Highly absorbed Fertilizer, contains macro & micro elements with highest compatibility of components
  • Could be applied on all crops through fertigation.
  • Many grades to promote different growth stages.

some of our grades (w/w)

20-20-20 + TE 15-15-30 + TE
19-19-19 + TE 10-10-40 + TE
18-18-18 +TE 30-10-10 + TE
13-13-13 + TE 17-7-27 + TE
15-30-15 + TE 12-8-28 + TE
13-40-13 + TE 16-8-24 + TE
10-12-30 + TE 10-40-10 + TE
12-12-36 + TE 10-50-10 + TE

The Galaxy Mega 

The Galaxy Mega Synergic Effect

  • Highest chelated grade of potassium in addition to Nitrogen.

  • Contains special organic synergizing compound to boost best utilization.

  • Could be applied both as soil application and foliar spray.

Galaxy Mega grades (w/w):

Galaxy Mega 9-0-36
Galaxy Mega 9-0-40

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