• A formulation intended for gardens, nurseries, indoor and outdoor ornamental plants and green spaces, and it can be used on all crops.

  • It contains micro and macro nutrients in addition to amino acids and vitamins. It is an integrated food for plants.

  • It eliminates the need to add other fertilizers, and has been equipped to suit the various stages and treat all symptoms of deficiency.

  • It is easy to use and can be added by irrigation on the soil or by spraying on the vegetative system.

Components (w/v)

O.M 20%
N 5%
P2O5 2%
K2O 4%
MgO 0.5%
CaO 1.2%
In addition to vitamins and amino acids,               20% 20%
S 2%
Fe 0.5%
Zn 0.3%
Mn 0.1%
Cu 0.1%
B 0.05%
Mo 0.001%