Natural Organic Marine Fertilizer Center

  • Fertilizer derived from seaweed by enzymatic extraction method and at a low pH.
  • It contains the highest concentrations of organic matter at least 25%, and it contains natural growth regulators, simple sugars, alginic acid, and mannitol.
  • hese components have a key role in plant growth and development. As well as other fertilizer components and amino acids.
  • Accelerates cell divisions and increases the pace of growth.
  • It also helps the formation of flowers and fruits, in addition to its direct role in stimulating branching.
  • It increases the firmness of the fruits, improves the plant’s resistance to diseases and helps to overcome the stress that the plant suffers from after being exposed to different conditions, especially temperature differences, frost, heat waves, sand storms and others.


Components (w/v):

O.M 25%
Amino Acid 2%
K2O 2.5%
Fulvic Acid 20%
Seaweed Extract 10%