Galaxy offers a wide range of granular fertilizer products to be part of our unique plant nutrient range in both single and compound macro nutrients based on plant nutrient requirements and growing conditions in the region.



They are chemically and physically manufactured using high-quality, pure and homogeneous raw materials of 2-4 mm in multiple colors with a clear luster, each granule is identical in terms of chemical and physical properties to ensure a balanced distribution of nutrients in the field for all plants.

NPK Granula

A new family of slow-dissolving granular fertilizers taken from pure raw material sources.

• A slow-dissolving fertilizer that contains the major elements in studied proportions, in addition to the minor elements.
• It is absorbed very efficiently by the roots after dissolving it, which leads to its rapid transmission in the different parts of the plant.
• Widely used for all crops and in different types of soil.
• Multiple formulations that correspond to the different stages of crop growth.

Some of our grades :

NPK 18-18-5 + TE

NPK 12-12-17 + TE

NPK 5-15-5 + TE

NPK 15-15-15 + TE

GTSP 0-46-0

GSSP 0-18-0