Galaxy offers a range of liquid NPK formulas that are manufactured using the most modern scientific methods using high-quality raw materials, pure, and 100% soluble, to give a homogeneous, pure and high concentration stable mixture. It is used either as a spray on the plant or watering the soil.

Some of our grades :


10-10-10 +TE




Specialized liquid fertilizer

GALAXY D K P 0-33-42

New generation of essential liquid fertilizers, with low salt index

  • Low salt index that makes it safe for foliar spray and root application at different rates. .
  • Has fast translocation among plant parts and fastly absorbed.
  • Approved as a safe fertilizer on crops due to its low content of heavy metals, and the high absorption (within the recommended rates).


Components (w/v):
Phosphorus      P2O5 33 %
Potassium         K2O 42%
GALAXY Multi 40

Nitrogen fertilizer derived from four Nitrogen sources:

Amine, Amide, Ammonium and Nitrate

  • The best Nitrogen choice for all crops especially under low temperatures.
  • Can be used both through irrigation or in foliar spray.
  • Reduces stress on plant , thanks to its component of amino acids.
  • High efficiency compared with other Nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Free from sulfur and chlorides and could be used in hydroponic systems.
  • Compatible with other fertilizers and could be mixed with most pesticides.



Components (w/v):
Total Nitrogen            N 40 %
Contains Nitrogen from 4 sources:  Amine, Amide, Nitrate and Ammonium.
Galaxy K 52 L
Liquid Potassium fertilizer which improves fruit quality & quantity.
  • Produced in a special way to guarantee high absorbability of components , which directly appears on fruit quality.
  • Identical for all crops during fruit swelling after set.
  • Could be applied through drip irrigation or foliar spray.


Components (w/v):
Potassium         K2O 52 %
Galaxy free DAP 16-46-0:
The Mega effect of Phosphorus
  • Acts as high efficient phosphorus fertilizer due to easily absorption and ability to translocate inside plant .
  • Apply either by fertigation or foliar spray , effective in both.
  • Identical for all crops especially as a basic fertilizer in early stages.


Components (w/v):

Nitrogen            N 16 %
Phosphorus      P2O5 46%