NPK Suspension Fertilizers

NPK Suspension Fertilizers

Galaxy offers a wide range of Suspension Fertilizers formulas that are manufactured using the most modern scientific methods using high-quality raw materials, pure, and 100% soluble, to give a homogeneous, pure and high concentration stable Gel/Paste/Suspension. It is used either as a spray on the plant or watering the soil.

Why Galaxy Suspension fertilizers are so special ?

  • Produced by chemical reaction process to guarantee homogenous mixture without precipitates or side reactions.

  • Stable suspension in all conditions and upon dissolving or mixing .

  • Ability to add micro elements & growth stimulator within the chemical manufacturing equation.

  • More flexible in production , since can reach to high concentration with more components.

  • High solubility with no separation for components


Some of our grades NPK  (W/V):

20-20-20 + TE

0-52-34 + TE

20-50-10 + TE

24-24-18 + TE

40-10-10 + TE

20-50-10 + TE

10-10-60 + TE

0-50-50 + TE