Galaxy Because of the need for a quick result by direct spraying on the leaves using highly pure NPK elements, we are happy to put in your hands high quality triple Foliar fertilizers NPK, which contains the most pure nutrients that are 100% fully soluble in water, and with a high concentration of Chelated elements with EDTA and fortified with natural additives. It is filled with 1 kg containers and specified to be used only as a spray on the plant.


Effective foliar fertilizer, which contains macro & micro nutrients.

  • Different grades to meet plant needs in different stages and for all crops.

  • Highly and quickly absorbed by plant leaves, thanks to its pure components.

  • Enhances root growth , flower formation and fulfills plant needs of macro & micro nutrients.


Galaxy Foliar Grades NPK

Grade (w/w)

Trace Elements


Magnesium    MgO

Manganese    Mn

Iron                Fe

Copper          Cu

Zinc              Zn

Boron            B

Molybdenum  Mo

0.20 %

0.02 %

0.04 %

0.01 %

0.02 %

0.01 %

0.001 %